Camping Jannesland is situated in the province of Västernorrland. The province consists of the regions Medelpad (in the South) and Ängermanland (in the North).
Västernorrland has a sloping landscape which lies on average 250 metres above sea-level
The highest mountain of Medelpad is 577 metres high and the highest mountain of Ängemanland measures 635 metres.
The Höga Kusten (High Coast) is one of the 14 Swedish monuments that is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Höga Kusten is situated in Ängermanland on the eascoast of the Botnic Gulf.
One of the outstanding characteristics of Medelpad is the Flataklocken (465 m), the mountain which is the geographical centre of Sweden.
Apart from the sheer endless forests and the idyllic lakes the nature reserves Jämtgaveln, Helvetesbrännan and Hävero strömmer in Medelpad are worth a visit.

Not far from Jannesland lies Hassela Ski Resort, a perfect skiing facility for both families, individuals and groups.
You find here a swimming pool, hotels and restaurants. This is also the starting point for the ski lift which takes you to the top of the mountain from which you have a wonderful view over the mountains and valleys.

The village Stöde has a supermarket, petrol station, a bank and some other shops.
But for a choice of shops you will have to go to Sundsvall, the central city of the region, about 40 kilometres to the east.
Sundsvall is an old port with numerous beautiful buildings. Take a stroll through the cosy city centre and do not forget to pay a visit to the town hall square to enjoy the characteristic buildings. It is remarkable to see that these buildings are built of brick instead of the usual wood which is so prominent in the north.
The cause of this is a fatal fire in 1888 which destroyed the largest part of the city. To prevent such a disaster to ever happen again, the city council decided that the rebuild should only be realised in stone.

North of Sundsvall is Birsta City. Actually this is not a city, but a shopping paradise which accommodates shopping giants like e.g. IKEA, Media Market, H&M and Intersport.


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