About us

We are the Van der Heijden-Hulsen family from Sint-Oedenrode in the Netherlands.
Jeroen (1969) has been working in the building material business for years and has a wide range of technical skills.
Hetty (1969) worked in business administration for many years, but quit this job after the birth of our son Willem(1998) and our daughter Femke (2000) to focus on the upbringing of the children. After the children went to school, Hetty took up her work again and was mainly active in professional housekeeping.

Most of our holidays we spent in beautiful Germany. But some years ago we decided to choose Sweden as a holiday destination for a change. The country overwhelmed us from the very first moment and this feeling never left us ever after.

People who have experienced this charming northern country will confirm that the “Swedish virus” is difficult to cure.

After visiting many websites which contained numerous interisting real estate, we finally got in touch with Eddy van Tolie of Insito Real Estate and his website www.insito.nl .
After an intensive search of about one and a half year we finally found the perfect location for our plans: “Jannesland” in Vigge near Stöde in the province of Västernorrland.

Jannesland is a superb location with 8 hectares of arable land consisting of both grass and woods and perfectly situated on the lakeside of Viggesjön. The buildings were in good condition and suitable for use in both Summer and Winter. Moreover the premises were barely 15 minutes from a school for the children.
And last but not least, very symbolically, the name resembled the name of our beloved dog “Jannes” who died in 2005. This was our place!

Jannes 1992 - 2005

Jannes 1992 - 2005

Negotiations with the owners Nico and Hilly Noorman started and after some time we came to an agreement which was profitable for both parties.

But then … drawing up a businessplan … searching for a bank … selling our house In the Netherlands … learning the Swedish language … constructing a website …collecting materials ….etcetera …and above all: waiting, waiting, waiting. It was frustrating sometimes, but finally in Spring 2010 the sun came through, literally but also metaphorically. The house was sold and we could determine the day we could leave the Netherlands. Finally on the 25th of June we left for Sweden and started our new life in Sweden.

We would like to thank EVERYBODY, all the wonderful people who supported us and helped us one way or another to realize our Swedish dream!!
Of course we are looking forward to welcoming you at Jannesland someday. Please feel welcome!!


Jeroen and Hetty van der Heijden
Willem en Femke
and the dogs Sanne en Whisper

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